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The Art of Massage at AURSPA

Custom Massage Treatments with Personalized Experiences

The art of touch is a skill that our AURSPA therapists have mastered over time. With expertise in Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, and more, we specialize in tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our silent services, use of essential oils, application of hot towels, perfect pressure, and use of techniques that provide both relief and deep relaxation. Rest assured, you will easily find the perfect therapist who has just the right touch for you.

Explore the bios of our providers on our booking link to discover their specialties and unique approaches. We encourage you to communicate openly with your therapist about your needs and preferences to ensure your service is tailored perfectly for you. This collaboration greatly enhances the customization of your experience, allowing you to receive the treatment exactly the way you desire.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is one of the most-requested types of massage. You can choose a 1 hour or a 90-minute massage.

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Deep Tissue Massage

To relieve muscle aches, treat chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, and provide healing from injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage

Combination Massage

To concentrate on one specific area with the healing power of Deep Tissue Massage while treating the rest of your body to a Relaxation Massage.

Combo Massage

Couple’s Massage

Our spacious Couple’s Massage room allows for you both to experience the benefits of massage as you each have a dedicated therapist attending to your service.

Couple’s Massage

Reiki Massage

A safe, gentle, non-invasive form of natural hands-on, energy-based healing.

Reiki Massage

Prenatal Massage

To ease muscle aches, help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

Prenatal Massage

Give the Gift of Relaxation!

Surprise someone special with a spa gift card today and let them indulge in a world of tranquility and pampering. Perfect for any occasion, our gift cards are a thoughtful way to show you care. Call or stop by our location to purchase your gift of wellness now!

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