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Enhance Your Facial

Luxe Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment that involves gently scraping the face with a medical-grade scalpel to remove the very top layer of skin. The shave removes both dead skin cells and the fine vellus hairs that are known as peach fuzz.

Luxe Microderm

This mechanical exfoliation process is performed with a diamond tipped applicator that gently exfoliates and suctions the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. The debris and dead skin cells sloughed off during the procedure are gently suctioned away, leaving your skin looking brighter and younger.

Luxe Alginate Mask

Alginate masks, derived from algin found in brown seaweeds, offer unparalleled natural treatment for facial skin, boosting collagen, elastin production, and providing various other beneficial effects. With its ability to build up protection and enhance skin health, alginate proves to be a powerhouse ingredient in skincare.

Luxe Celluma LED Light Therapy

Just 10 Minutes. This is added on to facials or massages already booked. These are beneficial light rays that are UV free. When used correctly these can assist in treating acne, increase collagen production, decrease inflammation, speed healing, and assist in penetration of serums and creams. Your therapist may choose red, blue, white, purple, or another color light option to customize your needs. ADD THIS INTO ANY FACIAL OR MASSAGE!

Luxe High Frequency

Add High Frequency to any facial! Great for treating acne, toning, & glowing! It increases oxygen to the skin, improving the overall texture, tone, and glow. All of this promotes collagen stimulation and elastin production, providing a firmer and more youthful appearance. It will also kill bacteria for acne. The perfect add-on to any service.

Luxe Hand Scrub

Add a luxurious hand scrub to your massage service to exfoliate and nourish your skin for only $20. Please let your massage therapist know which area you would like!

Ready to Treat Yourself?

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